Parents Responses

Below are some parent responses from our questionnaire sent out in May 2016:-

92% of responses received think the school has a happy atmosphere.

92% of responses think their son/daughter enjoys school - "K enjoys school a lot and hates holidays!"

92% of responses think the school is friendly and welcoming. - "all staff are always helpful and informative."

92% of responses think the school has high but realistic expectations for their child - "he pushes himself to take part in activities and basic ones he never did before but this is only possible due to your never waning approach to get the previous 'no go areas' into his daily routine."

91% of responses think there is a good sense of partnership between home and school - "iany concerns or queries I have had always been addressed quickly and efficiently." "This is an area touched on daily, without comments in book we couldn't acknowledge his progress and commend him, also vital in explaining moods.  Great communication.  Really nice to see positive comments also with comments that can assist us."

93% of responses think the school offers a caring and supportive environment - "his behaviour is taken as part of his autism and understood, whilst also making clear like we do at home that there are boundaries and acceptable and appropriate behaviour."

To see the full responses please use the link below: