Wren Spinney School seeks out and develops the individual talents, abilities, interests and personal qualities of all its pupils to the fullest extent possible.

The school curriculum is designed with this principle at its heart. The school has developed and continues to develop a quality education provision that is delivered to each student through a curriculum that reflects the requirements of the National Curriculum and the needs of each student.

Within the school curriculum aspects of Maths, English, Science, Music, and Physical Education are taught both as subjects and within project or theme-based teaching. The school believes that communication is essential to all teaching and learning experiences and that this occurs in every formal teaching and non-teaching situations. RE, History and Geography are combined within a Humanities curriculum. Art and Technology may be delivered within a theme or project. All subject areas are found within the school life- skills development curriculum.

Pupils are taught mainly within class based groups with differentiated learning objectives set in order to meet the individual needs of a wide range of pupils. The school also offers the opportunity for students to spend time with other teaching groups to broaden their curriculum opportunities.

The school values the National Curriculum as an opportunity to provide our students with breadth and coverage of subject areas.

  • The school believes and ensures that all pupils in years 7 to 11 have:
  • Access to NC programmes of study and may work outside their Key Stage.
  • Access to NC through both experiential, and skills / knowledge acquisition, as suggested by their current learning needs.
  • Access to end of key stage assessment that is reflective of their needs and abilities and may be deemed in national Curriculum terms as Teacher Assessment.

Students in Post-16 follow a 'Progression Route' which is matched to their learning needs. Within this they will follow a curriculum which is geared towards their individual needs, interests and aspirations, based around 3 areas of learning:

  • Functional Skills (the application of literacy/communication; numeracy; ICT)
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Vocational/Work-related Learning

Where appropriate, student will work on accredited courses which will further enhance their skills, for example: ASDAN Employability; Personal & Social Development; Personal Progress. In addition, a range of other opportunities are available such as: college placements; special school consortium opportunities; work experience; community projects

A Wren Spinney School Curriculum Policy document is available on request from the office; other documents available to parents are:

  • Any statutory instruments and circulars sent to schools by the Department of Education
  • Any published OFSTED (inspection) reports to the school.
  • Schemes of work of curriculum materials.
  • School policy documents

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